The most outrageous thing in the world happened.

It has been about a month since the election. The world is still reeling from the shock of Donald Trump being the President-Elect. What the fuck happened? I know I am not alone in feeling this: The night of the election, at first I watched, excited about Hillary being voted the first female President. The polls had been telling us that was sure to be the outcome, right? Not too far into the election results coverage, things started looking a little alarming. But I told myself, don’t worry, many of the blue states haven’t been counted yet. Then, things started looking really alarming. I started having the first thoughts of, Oh shit, what’s happening here?

I still have the text from my Mom from that night so I know what time it was when the reality of Trump winning was inevitable. Around midnight, she said that she couldn’t bear to watch any more, and that I was incredibly brave to keep watching. But less than an hour later, I went to bed too. I couldn’t bear to hear them announce that Trump had won the election. I went to sleep praying that maybe a miracle would happen while I was sleeping. The next morning, I woke up and turned on the TV and confirmed that the unthinkable had happened. I was so heartbroken, and shocked, and actually, devastated….that day, I didn’t get out of bed until 1 pm. I never, ever stay in bad past about 9 am.

For the first week, I remained in deep shock and despair and grief. How, HOW, HOW did this happen! It just can’t be true. How could this rude, offensive, uneducated, bigoted wind bag,  pervert  who I’m sure jerked off after every rally because he was so enamored with himself, become POTUS?

I took to Facebook to express my outrage and grief, and saw that hundreds of thousands, even millions of people are just as outraged as me. We all said it felt like 9-11. Somehow, it did. It was the day our country and Democracy died. I have received two serious and very scary death threats on FB since the election, for speaking my mind about Trump. A person that I have been friends with for 35 years unfriended me on FB when I wrote a post that I would never support Trump.

So I happen to be sitting on my couch this very moment watching a dictatorship in progress. Even as I’m writing this, I got a popup from the Washington Post that Trump picked yet ANOTHER Wall street exec for his Cabinet. I wonder when Trump supporters are going to figure out they got the biggest con of their lives–he is already flaunting it in their faces.

I plan to go and protest in Washington on Inauguration day. I have signed countless petitions, for recounts, for the Electoral College to not vote for Trump, which was an eye opener in itself. I actually got back several automated and one not automated responses from different Electors which all essentially said, fuck you, Hail Trump! I have expressed my anger and outrage as much as I can without just annoying the hell out of everyone.

Yet this morning, I woke up with an ever bigger feeling of outrage than ever. This is the most outrageous thing that has ever happened in my life. And I have seen plenty of outrageous things. I just can’t swallow the deep sense of anger, disgust, and fear that I live with every day now. I’m doing as much activism as I can. But it’s not stopping this horror movie in progress…I have heard a lot of people say they feel like it’s a nightmare and when they wake up maybe it will all be better. I feel the same.

I think Americans got much too complacent about freedom and democracy–so somehow this traitor to America slipped in the most powerful gate in the world. Everything I write online, like this, I think someday if Trump does manage to destroy our freedoms, these very words could come back to bite me. But like the White Rose society in Hitler’s Germany wrote in one of their famous leaflets, “We will not be silenced! We are your worst conscience! The White Rose will not leave you in peace!” I will continue to speak out. I don’t care if someone is offended by my words. I am offended that 40 million people voted for the biggest, stinking bag of feces named Donald Trump. Most likely I will be moving to Central America within a year or less. I was born there, and although I am a naturalized U.S. citizen, I have dual citizenship and I’m going to use it.

I won’t stop fighting once I’m there–I’ll fight even harder. But I just can’t stay here and watch Americans let Trump hijack our country and all of the good and right things we stand for. Hopefully someday I can come back to my beloved country. But I won’t as long as it is run by fascists.

Super Tuesday!

I got up at 5:30 this morning so that I could vote in the Virginia Primary. My polling place is way out in a very rural area. I was the 22nd person to vote there this morning. I had to declare my party affiliation then they handed me a ballot with the nominees for  my chosen party.

I proudly wore my “I voted” sticker all day. I love voting days. I have voted in every election since I was 18 years old. I’m proud to be an American. I think it’s sad when people don’t bother to vote. I feel like I am doing my duty as an American citizen  when I  vote.

As is very clear, especially in this election, our country has become much more diverse. Until a few years ago, most voters were white folks , and the politicians courted white people. Now, they are courting large minority groups. I think the GOP wasn’t ready for the big change in the voting population. I am pretty sure that they learned their lesson about it this time…we will see Republicans courting minority groups much, much more than they ever have in future elections. The strange part about that is that the GOP candidates are/were pretty diverse: Rubio, Carson, Cruz, Fiorina, even Bobby Jindal initially. But somehow they have failed to connect with minority voters.

Looks like Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump are the big winners tonight. Congratulations, Hilary! This is going to get really interesting. Stay tuned.



Donald Trump, the redneck presidential candidate


I’m going to call Donald Trump the Redneck Presidential candidate. Let’s face it: Rednecks love Donald Trump! Of course they do! He’s the reality TV star. By using the term “redneck” I am referring to the people that enjoy  watching “Here comes Honey Boo-Boo” on TLC. Yes, there is actually a reality TV show with that name, and it is just as ridiculous as the name. So, please don’t get me wrong. I live in the country, and I love it. I have a few gun toting friends that like to drink beer and shoot at targets once in a while, so , it’s not about southerners vs northerners, or country vs city. It’s a cultural phenomenon in our country.

There is a large portion of the U.S. population that are not appalled when Trump says he could shoot somebody on 5th Ave and not lose any votes. It’s outrageous, and it involves guns. Perfect! They don’t care that Trump refuses to disavow the KKK now. The more outrageous, the more they like it. Because the reality TV Americans love the in your face, hateful dialogue…they are angry about something, but they are not sure what, exactly.

Donald Trump, or any other reality TV star can help show them what they are angry about.  Those Mexicans are taking our jobs! We’re going to keep the Muslims out. Lets just be angry for the sake of being angry. We all have underlying anger at SOMETHING, right?

This is what we have become, America. We have become a nation who doesn’t care about substance, doesn’t care that when pressed by the media to explain his stance on issues Trump can only say, “We’re going to make it great again” .

So, Ben Carson was exactly correct when he was asked what would happen if Trump became the nominee, he replied, “Americans are going to get exactly what they want.”

Now, amid all the hoopla and excitement, the real possibility of a Clinton vs. Trump presidential race is emerging. What does that mean? Here’s what I found on Huffington Post.

I was personally hoping for a race that wouldn’t be so nasty–like, John Kasich or Jeb Bush vs Clinton or Sanders. But no000…if it is Clinton Vs. trump, the gloves are gonna come off real quick.We all know that. One thing is for certain: It would be a legendary race.

Donald Trump, the billionaire who has has every luxury imaginable, who laughs at the very people who support him.  The very people who struggle to pay their bills , while Trump sleeps in his luxury towers.  What an irony.































































Friday Lite

Nags Head MorningIt’s Friday. Nice to relax after working all week.

This Sunday is Superbowl Sunday. Another major american cultural event. I am not into football at all so I won’t watch the Superbowl, but I fully understand it’s significance in American culture.

I love America, with all it’s flaws, big and small. I love it that our democratic process is sometimes messy, discombobulated, controversial…that people in America can feel free to stand up in a public place an voice their opinions. That makes us great. But when clashes of opinion create hatred and violence, it has gone too far.





Winter. Donald Trump is dominating the airwaves. Actually, sucking precious oxygen from the air. The drama of politics is in full swing….the mud slinging, gossip and incessant chatter on the internet, social media, TV, etc.

Ted Cruz is an arrogant asshole, they say, and it seems like they are right. Hilary Clinton is going to be indicted for the email scandal, others say. Donald Trump decides not to attend the last debate before the Iowa Caucus, and subsequently loses the Caucus. Thank God, right!

Wait, but Cruz is not much better…Rubio, a young upstart with very little experience but a great deal of ambition, suddenly being molded into the GOP’s last chance of having a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the upcoming presidential election.

Things aren’t looking good for the GOP. But you just never know.

On the Democratic side, not quite as much high drama but still, plenty enough.

Hilary can’t be trusted. She’s dishonest. She has baggage. Benghazi. Emails. Bottom line, I believe that there are some very, very rich and powerful people out there that made sure she didn’t win the 2008 nomination, and apparently trying to do the same now, again. Something about that woman rubs a lot of people the wrong way. I personally don’t have a problem with her. I would vote for her. But for me, the main issue about Hilary Clinton is that she is uninspiring. I don’t really believe that she is any more dishonest than most of the old boy’s…probably much less.

Bernie Sanders–an unknown, giving Hilary a run for her money. Just like Obama did..when she was and is the obvious choice. Something is behind that. I think a lot of people, especially men, can’t stand her because she is unapologetically ambitious and smart and worldly. She doesn’t put her head down and smile a little bashful smile. So I guess that makes her some kind of Battle ax. But Hilary is just the gateway to a new and different kind of feminist movement that is coming.


Richmond 2016




First day of daylight savings

So, it is the first day of Daylight savings. Yuck. I don’t know ANYBODY that likes daylight savings.  And of course, it’s been a rainy, gloomy day.

I live in Virginia. I work for a large corporation. I am a white female, raised mostly in the U.S.A.

I’m also a photographer. I do mostly landscapes, and particularly of my beautiful home state. My family moved to Virginia when I was nine years old and I have lived here ever since. Over the years I have come to appreciate how beautiful Virginia is. The seasons, especially spring and fall, are just breathtaking. I used to be one of those people who rushed through life scarcely noticing the changing seasons, and the beauty of nature.

Photography changed all of that. I became a documenter of people, places, events when I was around 21 years old. I had a relationship and lived with a man who had a whole trunk full of old family photos. One day we started going through them, and I would ask him, “who is this?” and he would often say he didn’t know. None of them were marked with a date or anything. All of these people, usually dressed up for whatever occasions, standing there posing and smiling for the camera. Yet, after a generation or two, no one knew who they were anymore.

So I guess that’s how it started. I like to preserve memories. Photos are a moment in time, frozen.

I also enjoy politics (but not overboard about it), observing people, current events, travel, adventure…I want Anthony Bourdain’s job! That would be my dream job.