Today America found out Trump is a Russian operative

Last Friday Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein gave a press conference where he announced that 12 Russian intelligence officials had been indicted for hacking into U.S. systems related to the 2016 election. He also stated that he had had briefed Trump on this days ago.

However, Trump decided to still meet with Putin in Helsinki for two hours in private despite vehement protests from not only Americans but top government officials. In the press conference that Trump and Putin gave afterward, when Trump was confronted by a member of the press about why he went through this summitt despite what the Intelligence told him. He stood there on national TV in front of the entire world on live today and said that since Putin said he wasn’t involved in election interference, it must be true.

The country erupted to rage and disbelief. Now it is confirmed. Trump is a traitor. Former CIA director John Brennan Tweeted:


Many, many Americans compare this day to Pearl Harbor or 9/11. The coming weeks and months will be very interesting but scary for all of us, knowing that the president of the United States is an enemy. The hasthtag #TreasonSummitt has been trending all day.

There’s no question that we have been under assault not only by Russia, but our own president. Most of us are exhausted by the several times daily barrage of horrifying news about Trump and what he is doing and saying.

I just pray that it will all be over soon and that Trump is charged with treason.


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