The sound of silence

Yesterday I went to the Blue Ridge Mountains in VA near Charlottesville. It was a Wednesday in May so there weren’t many people there which was nice. I stopped at an overlook along the way and sat on the stone wall and gazed out at the mountains and valleys below. Nobody else was there but me and my dog, Sal.

After a couple of minutes I became aware of something so soothing and beautiful. Silence. The only sound was the gentle wind whooshing through the trees, through the mountains and valleys. You really had to stop and pay attention to it. I sat, mesmerized.

Watching a hawk fly through the hills and valleys, listening to the most soothing and gentle sound I ever heard. Just a soft wind blowing through the mountains. Nothing else. So very soothing and relaxing.

Sound and Noise is so much a part of our lives, and I think most of us don’t begin to realize how much it can add to our stress. The constant blaring of the TV, traffic, people talking…there are layers upon layers of sound that our ears even tune out all but the loudest. Try sitting in a place where there is no sound at all except maybe a fan blowing, maybe soft music, nothing louder than a whisper.