How will historians see today 100 years from now

Sometimes I think about how the Trump era will be viewed in hindsight. Say, 100 years from now. Can you imagine how many books will be written about all of this? The endless discussions, commentaries, and debates people will have about it?
We are living in an extraordinary period in history. As awful and terrifying as it is for us, there is also an opportunity for each person to make a real difference. Every small action of resistance is important. The Resistance will be looked upon in history as a movement by the people of the United States. Everyday Americans who stood up for their country. A movement of patriots. Be proud of that. We are making history right now.
One thing is certain: Those who have supported, assisted, and been complicit in the Trump administration’s disgraceful thievery, deceit and abuse of power will not be looked upon kindly in history. In particular, House and Senate Republicans who have remained silent and assisted Trump in dismantling the Constitution of the United States of America. While evidence of Trump’s treason against our nation continues to mount every day, they remain silent, when they actually are in a position of power to do the right thing.
Those people will be held up as examples of hypocrites and cowards of epic proportions