Winter. Donald Trump is dominating the airwaves. Actually, sucking precious oxygen from the air. The drama of politics is in full swing….the mud slinging, gossip and incessant chatter on the internet, social media, TV, etc.

Ted Cruz is an arrogant asshole, they say, and it seems like they are right. Hilary Clinton is going to be indicted for the email scandal, others say. Donald Trump decides not to attend the last debate before the Iowa Caucus, and subsequently loses the Caucus. Thank God, right!

Wait, but Cruz is not much better…Rubio, a young upstart with very little experience but a great deal of ambition, suddenly being molded into the GOP’s last chance of having a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the upcoming presidential election.

Things aren’t looking good for the GOP. But you just never know.

On the Democratic side, not quite as much high drama but still, plenty enough.

Hilary can’t be trusted. She’s dishonest. She has baggage. Benghazi. Emails. Bottom line, I believe that there are some very, very rich and powerful people out there that made sure she didn’t win the 2008 nomination, and apparently trying to do the same now, again. Something about that woman rubs a lot of people the wrong way. I personally don’t have a problem with her. I would vote for her. But for me, the main issue about Hilary Clinton is that she is uninspiring. I don’t really believe that she is any more dishonest than most of the old boy’s…probably much less.

Bernie Sanders–an unknown, giving Hilary a run for her money. Just like Obama did..when she was and is the obvious choice. Something is behind that. I think a lot of people, especially men, can’t stand her because she is unapologetically ambitious and smart and worldly. She doesn’t put her head down and smile a little bashful smile. So I guess that makes her some kind of Battle ax. But Hilary is just the gateway to a new and different kind of feminist movement that is coming.


Richmond 2016





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