Today America found out Trump is a Russian operative

Last Friday Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein gave a press conference where he announced that 12 Russian intelligence officials had been indicted for hacking into U.S. systems related to the 2016 election. He also stated that he had had briefed Trump on this days ago.

However, Trump decided to still meet with Putin in Helsinki for two hours in private despite vehement protests from not only Americans but top government officials. In the press conference that Trump and Putin gave afterward, when Trump was confronted by a member of the press about why he went through this summitt despite what the Intelligence told him. He stood there on national TV in front of the entire world on live today and said that since Putin said he wasn’t involved in election interference, it must be true.

The country erupted to rage and disbelief. Now it is confirmed. Trump is a traitor. Former CIA director John Brennan Tweeted:


Many, many Americans compare this day to Pearl Harbor or 9/11. The coming weeks and months will be very interesting but scary for all of us, knowing that the president of the United States is an enemy. The hasthtag #TreasonSummitt has been trending all day.

There’s no question that we have been under assault not only by Russia, but our own president. Most of us are exhausted by the several times daily barrage of horrifying news about Trump and what he is doing and saying.

I just pray that it will all be over soon and that Trump is charged with treason.


1968 Vs.2018

On April 4th, 2018 we reached the 50th anniversary of the asassination of Martin Luther King. Two months later, on June 6th, 1968 Robert F Kennedy was asassinated.

CNN has been running segments about 1968–the chaos, violence, masssive anti-war protests, America losing two great leaders by violent acts. The U.S.A had a pretty tough year in 1968. The war was raging on and our children were coming homes in body bags.

There was still  great racial tension accross the country.  Riots, demonstrations, police brutality. It was a time of great social upheavel. You should watch some documentaries about it. It’s amazing how there are so many paralells from 1968 to 2018.

Today, America is experiencing social and political upheavel like we have not seen in 50 years. Donald Trump being elected, the massive Resistance that sprung up immediately afterward, the police brutality against mostly Black men,the extreme polarization between the Left and Right.Donald Trump and the rampant,outrageous corruption playing out on national TV each day, the attacks on our Democracy, the Russian meddling in our elections, the Mueller investigation. The chief of the FBI, James Comey being fired. Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jung Un possibly holding a summit.

Then there was Charlotesville.

The mostly unseen war the Trump administration is waging against people of color.Separating mothers and their children at the Mexican border and then 1,500 children unaccounted for. Trying to stop practically all legal and illegal immigration because  Trump and many of his backers are racist.

Countless massive marches acrross the country –Women’s marches, marches for gun control because or children are being gunned down in schools accross the country. That would have been inconcievable when I was in school. Millions of Americans marching, demanding that Donald Trump is unfit for office and needs to be removed.

Why? Who are the people in the Resistance? The Resistance sprung up almost spontaneously as soon as Trump was elected. Indeed, the day after his inauguartion Washington DC was filled with approximately 500,000 to 750,000 Americans. Women, men, children, young adults, Seniors in wheelchairs, dogs, entire families marching down Independence Ave with signs. And there sister marches, some just as large, all acrosss the country and even the world. Many people from many countries saw our plight and stood in solidarity with us.

Marching on Indepedence Ave with about a million other Americans I realized that where we were marching at that moment were the same streets that Martin Luther King and his followers marched for Civil Rights. Where the massive anti-war protests against the Vietnam war took place. We were literally walking in their footsteps.

I grew up in America in a broken home. Our family was far from the normal seeming nuclear families that didn’t move every year and were so poor at times that we had got free lunches at school. We never went to church. But my mother was a post WW II baby and she grew up in the culture that despite our many faults as a nation, people cared about their country and communities.

As a child growing up in America, I learned from my family, schools, community that part of being a good American was being honest, charitable, loyal to their country. We were not taught to resent foriegners. They were generally treated with the same respect that any other American was treated with. We all knew the American story of how immigrants came here and worked hard to make a better life for themselves and their families, and made great contributions to our society and culture. Indeed, I am an immigrant. My mother is American and married my Latino father in Central America and had three children. I was born in Central America. We moved to the U.S. when I was 5 years old. I look like my American mother–white skin, blonde hair, blue eyes. So no one ever knew that I was an immigrant unless I told them. My siblings and I became naturalized citizens at a very young age.

We were taught to be respectful, to value integrity and hard work. To value being good citizens. Obviously, not every American followed the basic American values we were all taught. But those that did not were looked upon with disdain. For example, corrupt politicians. Con artists. No one wanted anything to do with a con man. They were easy to spot. Fast talking, making outrageous could just tell that they weren’t genuine.

So life went on in America since the 1960’s relatively peacefully. Yes, September 11 happened, which was a devastating. It was a very sad time in America. It set off a chain of events that we are still dealing with to this very day.

But then Donald Trump came into the picture. America has never had a President like him. We were naive enough to believe that anybody that was worthy of becoming President of the United States was an intelligent and honorable and more or less honest person. Donald Trump is none of those things. He is a liar, a con man, he enjoys being brutal and hateful. His intelligence seems to be below average. He has no impulse control. He is a racist. He cheats.

But now we know that the conditions that led to Trump being elected were hiding in plain sight …the racists, and I think a LOT of us have been caught off guard by just how many racists there stil in this country. The rampant racism was an ugly secret that was festering in our country going back to at least the Civil War.

This incredible situation that we find ourselves in today, is still unfolding. No one knows how it wil play out. It could end with half of the Trump administration being indicted for several serious crimes against their country. It could end with Trump’s 4 year term ending and someone else being elected. He thinks he will be president for 8 years. I don’t think so. It could end with all of us living in a police state and being thrown in prisons for speaking up against the Trump regime.

Thanks to the Resistance,which is made up of everyday Americans who saw that very bad and seriously destructive things have been happpening at the hands of the Trump administration. Americans have risen up to defend their country. The first wave of Resisters were mostly baby boomers who KNEW that there was something drastically wrong when Trump became President. We have had very little support from politicians on either side of the aisle. So we basically took it into our own hands. The second wave has been the young people from the schools that are experiencing mass shootings. Those kids quickly realized they were going to have to deal with politics in order to get what they are asking for. And they’re very savvy and articulate. I believe that David Hogg is going to be a high ranking politician or activist someday, along with many of his peers. They say they are going to change the world–and they will.

The press that Trump loves to lambast helped him get elected with their non stop coverage of him.And I honestly believe that many media outlets are trying to right their original wrong and hold the monster they created accountable. But again, they continue to give him non stop coverage because his ridiculous behavior and antics never end.

I, as an American living in Trump’s America now for about a year and a half, am sick of it. The majority of us are sick of it. Millions of us will continue to rise up for our country until we extricate this cancer from our great nation. In the end, if Trump is able to pull off being a dictator, which he’s working hard on now, many of us could be imprisoned or killed for our dissent. But I believe that most of us are willing to fight to the death to save our beloved country from a hate filled, vengeful, corrupt, power hungry racist and his followers.

We want decency and integrity back. We will never be the same country without those.






When the Office of the Presidency was respected and honored

The Kennedys

I watched with tears in my eyes the last episode of the CNN miniseries, “The Kennedys” tonight. While all of the Kennedy men had some flaws, they were good men, and they sincerely wanted to help all Americans. The one that got to me the most was Robert F Kennedy being robbed of his life when he was a young father of 11 Children and was on track to possibly become the President of the United States. It is sad to know that he would never have an opportunity to lead this country. I think RFK was a good man, and would have worked for all Americans–Black, White, Latino, Rich, middle class and the poor. The Kennedys realized that their extreme privilege was rare, and many of the them felt a higher duty to give back to their country. Robert F Kennedy probably would have been a great President. But we will never know.

Sadly, the current President, Donald Trump, is mired in degrading  scandals, too many to count now. Sadly, he uses the most powerful platform in the world to have daily unhinged Twitter rants, to bully and harass people who anger him.

His 15 months in the White House have underscored  that instead of being focused on policy making, he is focused on the Reality TV trash the White House has inflicted on Americans. He is vicious, crude, a gutter fighter. He has severely tarnished the Office of the Presidency,  and has turned it into a D rated reality TV drama. Once, Americans had a choice whether they wanted to watch reality TV. Now we have no choice. The Trump administration is the trashiest reality TV there is, with porn star payoffs, Mobster characters, money scandals, and the like.

This is a very challenging and difficult time for most Americans. We expect our President  to be mature, measured in his/her thoughts and actions, and behave like one would expect from the Commander in Chief. Instead we get a man who has daily meltdowns on Twitter. Like a spoiled bratty child.  Cursing, calling people Slime balls, threatening people just like thugs do, to try to intimidate and silence.

I hope with all of my heart that He resigns or is removed from office very soon. We need to go back the values and norms that make us what we are as Americans. We need to take our country back before he is able to continue  causing significant destruction to the heart of who we are.

James Comey, who by the way, has his own deep flaws, but is basically an honest man, was right when he said that Donald Trump is morally unfit to be the President.




Move over, old White men.

2018 is the year of change. Real change. Tens of thousands of women marched across the country on Feb. 20th demanding change. More women than ever in history are poised to run for office.

Today, I watch as thousands of students across the U.S. walk out of schools in solidarity of the school shootings, demanding gun control laws to keep them safe. They are fired up. They are impassioned. They have resilience and energy. They are adept at using Social Media to get their message across. They are taking on the NRA and lawmakers and demanding change.

For years, they sat helpless as horrific school shootings occurred all over the country and the adults did nothing about it. Even after 20 six and seven year old children were slaughtered in their classroom in Sandy Hook in 2012. Nothing changed. 

Now, the children have had enough. While many, many adults pushed for stricter gun laws, got nowhere because the NRA and their paid lawmakers refused to budge. Recently, Dana Loesch, the NRA spokeswoman, made a particularly vile video on behalf of the NRA, calling out media outlets such as the NY Times and the Washington post and CNN, saying “Your time is running out.”

No. NRA and old White male lawmakers: You made sure that we didn’t have our first female President in 2016. You are doing everything to you can to turn back time to to the 1950’s where White men ruled over women and minorities. You are out of date and tone deaf to what the majority of this country wants. The time has come for the nation’s youth to take over. They have demonstrated that they are more than willing to lead. Millions will be old enough to vote in the midterm elections and 2020 presidential elections. They are smart, progressive, and fired up. They make Donald Trump  and his associates look like fossils.

Women and children are this country’s future. So all of you out of touch old men move over. It’s time to pass the torch. Your time is running out.


How We the People are saving our country from the Trump Presidency

On November 8th, 2016 our worst nightmare began. Incredibly, Donald Trump was suddenly and unexpectedly elected the President of the United States. For me, the reality of living in Trump’s America has been even worse than I imagined. For months after the election, many, many people wanted to know who was going to step in save us from this monster. It has been a terrifying and traumatic ordeal for millions of us.

 During his campaign, Trump kept saying he was going to drain the swamp. Well, it turns out he was right. But not in the way he intended. Like a snake charmer, he brought out all of the stinking, nasty, corrupt people and organizations that were hiding in plain sight. Trump signaled to them that they were now welcome to come out in the open. To this day, I never cease to amazed and appalled at the sheer amount of horrible human beings that are in Trump’s inner circle. He brought the swamp creatures to the surface so that we could see them.

I am beginning to think that there is a divine purpose for Trump becoming President as painful as it has been. Donald Trump is the catalyst for ushering in a new era in the United States. Not the era he and his supporters intended–of the 1950’s White Supremacy, Father Knows best mentality where racism, sexual assault against women were widespread and socially acceptable.

No, he has helped usher in a new, enlightened and progressive era. As a result of the horrific mass shootings, the #NeverAgain movement sprung up spontaneously and I believe these young people are the future leaders of America. They are bright, articulate, and progressive. The NRA is now for the first time ever being seriously called on the carpet. People are seeing the NRA for what it really is. A radical, hateful and powerful organization that pays politicians millions of dollars every year to ensure that the ridiculously liberal gun laws won’t be seriously challenged, even after all of the horrific mass shootings.

 Powerful men have been called out for being sexual abusers. One after another: Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, Harvey Weinstein, and Trump himself. As a result, the #MeToo movement sprung up and is becoming a powerful force against sexual assault and harassment. In a broader context, the Women’s movement has become large and powerful. There have been massive Women’s marches all over the country. More women are running for office than ever before.

We were forced to open our eyes and see the frightening numbers of racists in this country. On January 28th 2017, when Trump signed the executive order for the Muslim travel ban, thousands of Americans dropped what they were doing and made a beeline to the airports all over the country to defend our Muslim friends.

Donald Trump and his GOP enablers are probably about to go down in flames. Soon, they will be gone and Democrats will probably take control of the House and Senate in November. Big changes are happening now, and no one knows quite how it’s all going to play out once the dust settles.

What’s left after they are gone is us. Because of Trump, we now know that democracy is not a spectator sport. We actually have to work to defend Democracy and decency. We can no longer assume that Democracy will always rule. Large and powerful historical progressive movements have been born from this. WE are making America great again. WE are draining the swamp. We the People stood up for America at its most vulnerable time since the Civil War. No Knight in shining armor came riding in on a white horse to rescue us from this tyrannical, mentally unstable President. Even aside from Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation, we have done a pretty darn good job of resisting this evil ourselves. By resisting, marching, connecting on Social Media and organizing, voting, and staying engaged in the process no matter how difficult and exhausting. Somebody in the beginning said, “This is going to me a marathon, not a sprint.” That has proven to be true.

We are saving ourselves. Day after day, we fight back. We call our elected officials. We say hell no. We are Americans and we are not going to let Trump take our country away from us.

The Mad King rules America


It’s been a year since Donald Trump took office. You want to know how it feels to live in America with Trump as President? Scary. Terrifying. Embarrassing.  Incredulous at all the corruption and lies that he and his family get away with. Rage. Every day there’s more bad news. ICE raided several 7-11 stores across the country and rounded up a bunch of alleged illegals and presumably put them in holding camps that they have until they either prove their citizenship or get deported. People who are working to take care of their families–being harassed, jailed, deported.


Trump said the the other day that he is going to deport 200,000 people from El Salvadore that came here to escape the horrible violence there. He says he’s going to build the Wall. They won’t allow Syrian refugees in the country even in their desperate situation. He tried to ban Muslims from coming into the country from 7 countries I think…he won partially.

They also don’t care about the poor. They are cutting massive social programs such as Medicaid and Food stamps and healthcare for poor children. They flaunt their affluence and arrogance in our faces every day, so smugly. According to polls, about 70% of Americans do not like Trump. So he’s,  a very unpopular president but he’s still getting away with murder. He is destroying America’s Democratic ideals systematically, every single day.

I live in an almost constant state of fear and anxiety over it. We are becoming increasingly isolated from our allies in the world. People are angry, afraid, disgusted with how vulgar and heartless Trump is. He is the mad king.

He’s a Russian stooge. Russia is interfering in many elections around the world–not just the 2016 election. There are still calls from Trump’s base to lock Hillary up. They chant it at rallies.

As a White woman I feel very threatened by Trump and all of the terrible things that are happening. I can’t imagine how people of color feel–knowing they could be harassed, hurt, killed…the anti-Muslim sentiment is visceral with Trump’s base. It is heartbreaking and horrifying. The hate groups have been emboldened. The racist have crawled out of their rat holes.

I have been having a lot of bad dreams since Trump took office. Nightmares. I never had nightmares before. The other night I dreamed that I was worried I would be deported because of my Panamanian heritage even though I have been a U.S. citizen since I was 7 years old. They are doing ethnic cleansing. Trump can’t kill people of color–yet. If he keeps grabbing more and more power, beyond the constrains of the Constitution, it will eventually come to that.

There is a very dark cloud over America right now, many, many people feel it and are extremely concerned. Then there is the debate about Trump’s mental health. He acts like a mad king–a capricious and vindictive tyrant. Everybody knows he is crazy but no one can or will stop him. The Mueller investigation is still going on, and some people in Trump’s circle have been indicted. The question is, will this psychotic  man be removed from office before he completely destroys us?

I never really believed that as an American, I would ever lose my basic freedoms under the Constitution. But Trump is seriously threatening our freedoms and rights as free citizens. Many, many people don’t see it happening. I see it too clearly. Many do see it as well.  I have the instinct to flee–but where to? And what about my family?

The Trump circus is no longer funny. It’s dead serious. I wonder why we are going through this dark time? I know it happens all over the world–but not here. Not until now. Even today, my Mom wrote on FB, “God in Heaven, this is becoming more surreal every day.

Next Saturday, there is another March on Washington and across the country. My sister and  and I are going. I hope no one shoots at us or arrests us. The climate between Trump supporters and non-Trump supporters is tense. How much longer will we be allowed to protest against our Government? Trump wants to shut down free speech. He feels whatever his opinion is is the only thing that matters.



Donald Trump is going to prison

Now we know that even on the slim chance that the Russia investigation into collusion doesn’t take him down, the financial crimes he committed when he was a private citizen will.
He knows that–he’s panicking. If he had remained a private citizen and not become president, he would have probably continued to get away with his crimes.
He just had to pay certain people off. But once he became president and exposed himself to extreme scrutiny, the law started digging, And digging. He was so arrogant that he thought as president he was above the law. He thought it would be the same as president. That all he had to do was surround himself with loyalists and if necessary he could fire people who weren’t loyal to him, then he would be immune from the law.  Things didn’t work out quite the way he planned.  Donald Trump is going to prison. 
I had a dream when he first became a presidential candidate that he was going to go to prison. At the time it seemed odd to me because none of his criminal activity had become public yet. I knew nothing about him at the time. So I thought the dream was completely out of the blue. But I received a message ahead of time that despite  the horror of having him as President of the United States, it would all turn out OK.  And, God willing, it will.
I won’t rest easy until he is no longer president. But I feel the momentum building.